Lisbon - Portugal




On an angular geometry similar to the Alfama rooftops, the project emerges from the topography as a rocky event, obtained by a matter subtraction process, free from the ground thus conquering a strong iconographic image. The articulation between the various levels suggests the creation of distributive pedestrian paths with contemplative characteristics, constructing a sequence of spaces and frames that transform light and landscape in pure emotion, where the building is an interface translating the urban vocabularies of the traditional neighborhoods on the architectural experience. The voids generate streets, alleys, tunnels, small squares, balconies and viewpoints that are intertwined, creating a network of vertical urbanity open to the manifestation of rites and traditions inherent to city life.
The paths and spaces are not linear or regular, but organic and complex, unexpected and apparently accidental, emulating the experience of walking the S.Jorge hill and discovering the river Tejo and Chiado, horizontally, through remote frames of the city, or vertically, the Castle that is nearer.
The project’s singularity is baized on the compression of different activities on one single urban fragment, providing for the multifunctional character needed on an urban scale.
There are three distinct nucleuses; however they must be viewed as complementary: the residential program, the trainee’s areas for performers (circus and performing shows) and a concert-cafe. They can function independently or integrated.
The Artists Residency is an urban centre, capable of promoting and developing various activities (cultural, leisure, etc) where city’s everyday life and artistic expression can be involved on the renovation of a certain collective identity.